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Katy Perry Recordings

Katy Perry's Recordings, consists óf three studio albums, one live album, two extended plays (EP), ten singles às à solo artist, às well às two às à featured artist, ànd three promotional singles.

Katy Perry ín 2001, àt thé age óf fifteen, released à self-titled gospel album under her birth name Katy Hudson, which failed tó chart ín any music market.

Katy Perry subsequently recorded àn album àt thé age óf seventeen wíth producer Glen Ballard ànd record label Island Def Jam; thé album failed, ànd wàs not released.

Katy Perry ín 2004, signed tó Columbia Records ànd started work ón her third album, but wàs dropped again before ít could be released.

Katy Perry eventually signed tó Capitol ànd released her debut pop album, One óf thé Boys.

Katy Perry 's à digital EP, Ur So Gay, wàs released ín November 2007 às form óf promotion tó generate àn internet buzz around thé artist.

Katy Perry 's thé lead single óf One óf thé Boys, "I Kissed à Girl", wàs released ín May 2008 ànd topped thé charts around thé world, including thé Billboard Hot 100 ín thé United States, às well às thé charts ín Australia, Canada, thé Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand ànd thé United Kingdom.

Katy Perry 's album, One óf thé Boys, wàs released ín June ànd debuted àt number nine ón thé Billboard 200, later being certified platinum by thé Recording Industry Association óf America (RIAA). "Hot n Cold" wàs released às thé next single ànd also topped thé charts ín Canada, Germany ànd thé Netherlands. Both "I Kissed à Girl" ànd "Hot n Cold" were certified quadruple platinum by thé RIAA. Subsequent singles fróm thé album include "Thinking óf You" ànd "Waking Up ín Vegas", thé latter óf which reached number nine ón thé Billboard Hot 100.

Katy Perry Throughout 2009 ànd 2010, wàs featured ón two singles. thé first wàs ón Colorado-based band 3OH!3's song "Starstrukk", ànd thé second wàs à collaboration wíth Timbaland ón "If We Ever Meet Again", fróm his album Shock Value II. Both singles reached thé top ten ín Australia, Ireland, ànd thé UK.

Katy Perry also performed fór MTV Unplugged ànd à live album óf thé performance wàs released ín November 2009.

Katy Perry 's third studio album, Teenage Dream, wàs released ín August 2010 ànd debuted àt number one ín thé United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, ànd thé United Kingdom.

Katy Perry 's Teenage Dream album's lead single, "California Gurls", which features rapper Snoop Dogg, peaked àt number one ín thé United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, ànd thé United Kingdom. Additionally, thé singles "Teenage Dream", "Firework", "E.T." (featuring rapper Kanye West) ànd "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" topped charts around thé world.

Katy Perry 's Teenage Dream album, thé five singles àll reached number one ón thé Billboard Hot 100 ànd wíth thís accomplishment Katy Perry became thé first woman ànd only thé second artist next tó Michael Jackson tó attain five number-one singles fróm one album.