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more and more 112 five star reviews???!!?? MP3 Downloads Katy Perry Album.. A Year Without Rain .."AAAIEEEE-AIEEEE-AIEEEEE-AIEEEE!!!" - Sheesh!! talentless artists? Listen and Forget?.. US only

Katy Perry Katy Hudson Album Professional ratings

katy perry s real name is katy hudson ,so is she related to kate hudson?
Katy Perry (hudson) Christian cd...PLease help!!!!?
Are there any videos of Katy Perry live when she was Katy Hudson?
Who do you like better? Katy Hudson or Katy Perry?
Poll:Do you like Katy Perry more now or when she was Katy Hudson making christian music?
if katy perrys real name is katy hudson. where did perry come from?
Katy Perry used to be a Christian singer named Katy Hudson? Wha....? What happened to her?
What do u think of Katy Perry (Hudson) before? ?

Debut Album Katy Hudson is Studio album by Katy Perry, Released 23-Oct-01, Recorded 2000–2001, Genre Christian rock, pop rock, soft rock, gospel, Length 48:11:00, Label Red Hill, Producer Tommy Collier, Otto Price, David Browning

Katy Perry chronology
Katy Hudson-2001
One of the Boys-2008

Singles from Katy Hudson

"Trust in Me" Released: March 6, 2001

Digital Music
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Professional ratings
Review scores
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Allmusic 3/5 stars

Katy Hudson received a favorable review from Russ Breimeier of Christianity Today, who applauded Katy Perry voice and songwriting and called Katy Perry "a remarkable young talent emerging, a gifted songwriter in Katy Perry own right who will almost certainly go far in this business".

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic gave it a favorable review, giving it three stars. He complimented Katy Perry songwriting, mostly comparing it to Alanis Morissette. He also said " Katy Hudson is only instructive as the first act in a prefab pop star's career, to show that she has talent but that she was mismarketed."

Source: wikipedia

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